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Own Your Inner Rani

by Tracy Smith 26 Mar 2024

About the collection

Introducing The MahaRani Edit, a collection that celebrates the enduring essence of women as pillars of strength and wellsprings of inspiration. From the vibrant streets of Bollywood to the glamorous avenues of Hollywood, women have graced the global stage with their resilience, creativity, and unmatched determination.

Every piece in this exquisite collection pays homage to the multifaceted nature of womanhood, capturing the essence of drama, elegance, confidence, and inner strength that defines every modern-day Rani (queen). The designs are meticulously crafted, focusing on intricate detailing, elegant applique work, and sumptuous fabrics that epitomize the regal aura of a true queen.

1. Aurora Pink Ombre Skirt & One Shoulder Lehenga

Aurora ombre lehenga—a fairytale twist on traditional elegance. The one-shoulder sleeve bralette blouse adds a modern edge to the classic lehenga silhouette. The beautifully ombre-dyed skirt features delicate hand embroidery, while the shoulder bralette blouse boasts wide flare mesh sleeves adorned with sparkling embroidery.


2. Devi Burnt Orange Co-Od & Pearl Embroidered Cape

Introducing Devi, where the allure of Sri Devi meets the glamour of Kim Kardashian. This co-ord is designed to steal the center stage. The off-shoulder Devi blouse is expertly ruched and embellished for an enchanting look.


3. Flora Mint Green Wide Leg Embroidered Co-Od

Step into the spotlight with our edgy wide-leg co-ord, a fusion masterpiece. The halter neck blouse boasts meticulous construction, featuring scallop details and a mesh neckline adorned with delicate floral work.


4. Reya Red Sweetheart Saree Gown

Meet Reya, a fusion marvel seamlessly blending the grace of saree pleats with the charm of an anarkali flare, creating the perfect gown for an indo-western look.


5. Kim Blue Corset Dhoti Lehenga Embroidered Co-Od

Introducing Kim, our red carpet-ready co-ord. A sweetheart neckline mesh corset adorned with floral embroidery, pearl, and beading details steals the spotlight.


6. Avanti Nude Embroidered Wide Leg Co-Od

Elevate your style with our Avanti wide-leg co-ord! The trousers boast intricate hand embroidery, showcasing delicate floral motifs and cross-style detailing.


7. Leila Lilac Embroidered Mermaid Skirt Co-Od

Step into the spotlight with our Leila Mermaid Co-ord. The intricately adorned blouse features silver glass beads, pearls, and stone work on leaf motifs. A modern v-neck and cut-out waistline add flair, while mesh flare sleeves provide a graceful finish.


8. Sita Gold Cut Work Embroidered Lehenga

Inspired by divine energy & the beautiful gleam of every Rani. This lehenga is curated using intricate embroidery throughout the blouse. The blouse features cutwork elements to enhance the bodice.



A note from the founder

This collection is my magnum opus, the culmination of 6 months of relentless research, ideation, and self- discovery as a designer. I aimed to infuse my true heritage and personality into each piece. The 8 couture ensembles showcase a diverse range of styles, reflecting a commitment to inclusivity. Beyond being perfect for the Indian wedding season, these pieces are designed for red carpets, galas, special occasions, and destination events. 

Prioritising lightweight elegance, each piece is adorned with my favourite hand embroidery detailing-pearls, glass beading, stonework, and sequins-capturing the essence of my design aesthetic. Mesh elements add that touch of weightlessness, allowing you to style these pieces in multiple ways.



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