Our goals

Our mission is to provide timeless outfits that you can mix and match into
your everyday life. Taking away the tiring trips across the country or overseas, to find your perfect outfit and finding similar outfits wherever you go. We specialise in contemporary Indian wear using traditional fabrics with modern silhouettes.

Shop our capsule edits or create something completely unique as you! We don’t follow trends, we get inspired from it and create what comes to mind with an edge.



“My style depends on my mood but an wear whatever I want attitude, to feel comfortable in it and for it to be a representation of my personality”

In 2015, Tracy started this brand whilst working in the fashion industry in London. She saw an opportunity to bring her ethnicity and religion together because she was enticed by streetwear and modern cuts but loved the fabrics and details from the South Asian market.

"I wanted to create a brand that help women feel beautiful wearing their personality. To make it a unique experience, relatable in style and accessible. No long queues, walking up and down streets of what seems similar outlets different prices. A brand that has different outfits for all shapes and sizes, for the modern, modest, brave!"


“Remember it’s not what the Aunties would say”

Our story

Founded by makeup artist/beauty influencer and self-taught fashion designer Tracy Smith. Tracy takes inspiration from her ethnicity and religion. Being born and brought up for a short duration in India, Kolkata and being a Roman Catholic. Growing up amongst her culture and religion she saw gaps in the market and wanted to always experiment with her two wardrobes the Indian and western. She wanted to cover a gap in the market which blends modern silhouettes with traditional fabrics representing her religion and ethnicity, inclusive of diverse fittings for all shapes and sizes. Most importantly outfits that bring out your own personality, comfortable, sexy to suit your shape and affordable custom made pricing.


A key outlook Tracy has is ensuring outfits have the right balance, not overly heavy and not underwhelming. Whether it’s simple lehengas to full on glam, she has a key eye to detail to ensure you are best dressed. Comfort, accessibility and affordable is key i.e. pockets in our lehengas!


Shopping around in most popular places in the UK, she often found that each store had the same if not very similar outfits. She believes in dressing in your own style, being unique and especially when it comes to bridal wear. Thus, she designed her own wedding outfits in 2021, of which has been the first to incorporate wedding vows around her lehenga skirt, making it a sentimental piece and bringing both her religion and her husband’s together through her outfit.



We make seasonal collections called Edits, that are limited capsules or ever green Naviya outfits. All made to order, allowing you to change any elements should you wish or get inspired from to create your own version.

Turnaround time: 2-3 weeks

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Bespoke Outfits

We have wealth of experience
with our artisans and hand embroidery services. A keen eye to detail and can make any silhouette possible. Plus we look to cater to your budget and offer consultations.

Turnaround time: 4-5 weeks



We specialise in custom handmade bridal wear, that is made to make your day feel special and outfit be unique. Using artisans for hand embroidery, highest quality beading, thread and crystals, with high quality chosen fabrics for the ultimate experience and be the show stopper on your epic day. We take you through the whole process from selection, embroidery sample and illustrations.

Turnaround time: up to 6 months