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Styling our handpicked outfits from our Oasis Collection

by Tracy Smith 10 Jul 2023

Welcome to THE NAVIYA EDIT where we are committed to continually provide you with timeless elegance! Our aim is to constantly deliver high quality, customized and stylish outfits for modern day silhouettes. Whether it is a classic look or a bold experiment, we embrace individuality and celebrate personal style.

We decided to style our handpicked outfits from our very own oasis collection to showcase our unique and bold style.


1. Pink Coral One Shoulder Blouse & Skirt

This combination of Pink Coral One Shoulder Blouse & Skirt is the ideal choice for any summery getaway. Crafted from lightweight fabrics, this ensemble features a one-shoulder blouse with a delicate charm to it. This one shoulder blouse can be worn for several summer occasions making it the perfect choice for a refreshing, stylish, summer look!

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2. Pink Coral Tie Up Maxi Dress

Our Pink Coral Tie Up Maxi Dress is the perfect addition to your resort wardrobe. This pin coral tie up maxi dress is the perfect fit; we particularly love the blend of traditional motifs & prints on this modern day silhouette.

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3. Green Reef Blazer & Trouser Co-Od

Taking inspiration from wilderness patterns, we introduce our Green Reef Blazer & Trouser Co-Od. An easy breezy co-od set that is comfortable and stylish. The true definition of creating sustainability and rewarding outfits your way. This green reef blazer and trouser is perfect for every occasion for summer weddings, cocktail parties, or brunches.

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4. Resort Ruched Skirt & Embroidered One Shoulder Blouse

Our Resort Ruched Skirt & Embroidered One Shoulder Blouse is a must-have for your resort wardrobe! Perfect for beach dinners, themed sangeets, and destination weddings, this ruched skirt and one shouldered blouse is a perfect blend of comfort, style, and modern silhouette.

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