What is Sustainable Fashion?

What is Sustainable Fashion?

Welcome to the world of sustainable fashion, where style and consciousness merge for a brighter future!

It's a transformative movement that redefines clothing, blending ethics, eco-friendly materials, and exquisite designs. With mindful wardrobe choices, we make a positive impact on the environment and garment workers.

Presenting to you, THE NAVIYA EDIT, who has been contributing to make the environment better by making sustainable choices for the brand. Let’s understand how beautifully their collection is designed keeping in mind the sustainable aspect.

By embracing these sustainable fashion choices, we contribute to the reduction of waste, support ethical practices, and celebrate the artistry that defines the industry, all while exuding elegance and sustainability. Our key contribution being we are a made to order basis business, trading online which avoids fabric wastage.




Introducing the satin pre-pleated saree, a shining example of sustainable fashion innovation. Crafted with care, this pre-pleated saree combines the elegance of satin with the convenience of pre-pleated draping. 

The careful selection of high-quality, durable pearls and threads ensures durability. The craftsmanship involved in intricate pearl, beading, and threadwork promotes the preservation of traditional skills and empowers artisans.




Champagne Gold Signature Lehenga by The Naviya Edit is a remarkable example of sustainable fashion. The choice of material for the champagne gold lehenga as dupion silk is one great choice as it is made from silk cocoons spun by two silkworms, resulting in irregular, slubbed textures that add a distinctive charm to the fabric.




The Ranii Pink Ruched Anarkali is made from georgette, a lightweight and eco-friendly fabric and is one of The Naviya Edit’s bestsellers. It showcases intricate ruched detailing that adds a touch of elegance while ensuring a flattering fit for various body types. The use of sustainable dyes and responsible production processes further strengthens its sustainable appeal.




The Gisele Baby Blue Ruffle Pre-Pleated Saree, meticulously crafted from glass imported luxe organza showcases the harmonious blend of style and sustainability. It is produced using recycled glass fibers, which reduces the demand for virgin materials and minimises waste. This recycling process helps to conserve resources and decrease environmental impact.




The Jasmine Teal Lehenga, crafted from a composition of silk and georgette by the brand The Naviya Edit, embodies sustainability in various aspects. The use of silk and georgette signifies the brand's commitment to high-quality, durable materials that ensure longevity and reduce the need for frequent replacements. Additionally, The Naviya Edit implements ethical practices throughout the production process, ensuring fair labour conditions and responsible sourcing of materials.


Remember the choice is ours to make. Why not design an outfit that becomes a staple that you up-cycle, rewear and mix up for future occasions?

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