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The Naviya Edit - Our Brand Values

by Tracy Smith 13 Aug 2023
At The Naviya Edit we are committed to continually providing timeless elegance for special occasions. Our mission is to provide timeless outfits that you can mix and match into your everyday life. Taking away the tiring trips across the country or overseas, to find your perfect outfit and finding similar outfits wherever you go. We specialise in blending contemporary silhouettes with heritage roots, our outfits articulate character and style.
We do not follow trends; we get inspired from it and create what comes to mind with an edge!
The Naviya Edit constantly delivers high quality, customised and stylish outfits for modern silhouettes.
The various things that The Naviya Edit offers:
Made to order service: Allowing a customer to customise and tailor outfits in a way that they feel comfortable.
Sustainable outfits: Avoiding mass production means that THE NAVIYA EDIT has a positive impact on the carbon footprint. Reducing the waste of stock whilst developing timeless outfits- allowing a customer to wear time after time.
A deeper connection beyond the garment: Making sure that customers feel connected with their upbringing and themselves as individuals in today’s world.

We at The Naviya Edit invite you to embrace the transformative power of fashion, where every ensemble becomes a masterpiece and your personal style ascends to new heights.

Book your free consultation today with us and start designing your dream outfit. Made by you, designed by us. BOOK NOW
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